My Visit to Elizabeth Street Treasures (a guest post)

September 17, 2021

I had no idea what to expect, as I pulled up to Elizabeth Street Treasures. I was most excited to see the famous "water wheel", the background story of the water wheel comes from the past owner of the building. The market, which once housed “Peter’s Lumber,” has been refurbished into the marketplace. There are more than 20 vendors in the shop. The shop currently occupies half of the building, and renovations are being made to extend the market, and to host estate sales and other events.

I love digging into spaces and places like this. Vintage is always unique, and it is always beautiful in my eyes. I absolutely love the charm of an antique clock, or jewelry and baubles , the thrill and excitement of finding a beautiful piece of furniture.

Just think how many stories these things could tell us!

While I was there, I purchased some beautiful jewelry, a couple of rings, a necklace that somehow has made it back on the "cool list". It was an easy "check-out" even though I had purchased items from several vendors.

Come and check it out, they have lots of room to expand and accommodate new vendors on the second floor, I will be going back again.


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